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Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique


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Head Reject. Photo credit: Convivial Daze

Notes from Des RefusÚs, Head Reject.

Salon 2010

September 19, 2010
Hello Rejects,
Thanks again for making yet another night of celebrating Atlantic Film Festival-refused cinema a success.
It's with a mix of sadness and relief that after nine years and ten consecutive Salons that I hereby proclaim Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique closed.
Keep making films and keep submitting them to the AFF.

Sept 3, 2010
Hey Rejects,
The Salon 2010 poster is up.
It's designed by the same artist who designed the 2006 poster, Anne Macmillan.
Check out her amazing work at
See you on the 18th!

May 7, 2010
If you're interested in chairing a discussion panel at Salon #10 let us know. The panels will be held the afternoon of September 18th, prior to the 10th annual Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique. E-mail your panel ideas to salonatlantique(at)hotmail(dot)com.

December 31, 2009
Hey there,

As part of the 10th anniversary of the Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique in September, 2010, we're seeking old AFF rejection letters to feature on our website,

Interested contributors should e-mail 300 dpi jpeg scans of the letters to salonatlantique(at)

Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique will kick off its 10th consecutive year of celebrating cinema rejected by the Atlantic Film Festival the evening of September 18, 2010 at the historic Khyber Building in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Head Reject

October 21, 2009
Hey Rejects,
Here are some additional photos from Salon 2009.
Special thanks to Convivial Daze for the pictures!

Photo credit: Convivial Daze

September 24, 2009
Hey Rejects,
Special thanks to everyone who came out to Salon 2009 last weekend. As you can see above, I had a blast.
I normally also name the numerous volunteers who help make the Salon a reality each year but some have had issues with online stalkers and whatnot so I will just collectively thank them. Thanks!
Can't forget our sponsors, CEV and Threeton.
See you next year for #10!

September 17, 2009
Hey Rejects,
See you in 2 days at the Khyber for #9. 


August 21, 2009
Hey Rejects,
The 2009 Schedule is up.
See you September 19th!


August 20, 2009
Hey Gang,
Thanks for all your submissions last week.
The selection lottery is complete.
Results to be announced soon!

July 8, 2009
Hello Team,
I trust everyone has submitted their films to the Atlantic Film Festival by now.
If you're lucky enough to get rejected, don't delete that reject e-mail.
Save it!
Save it and forward it to the Salon.
That way, your film will be entered into the Salon's selection lottery and heck, it might even screen at the Legendary Khyber in Halifax on September 19, 2009.
Submission form to be posted soon.
Your pal,


September 24, 2008
Dear Halifax,
A number of filmmakers mentioned to me this past weekend that a filmmaker who had a film accepted into the 28th Atlantic Film Festival had recently passed away from stomach cancer.
I thought it was tragic news and hoped he had received the good news of being accepted.
It wasn't until this evening that I learned that the filmmaker who died was Daniel Gaynor.
Daniel, pictured holding the microphone at Salon 2007, had two of his films screen at the Salon last year (Tetas de Muerte and Phone Whores).
One thing that all rejects who apply to the Salon have in common is a desire to screen at the Atlantic Film Festival.
I'm comforted to know that Daniel did indeed get into the AFF.

September 11, 2008
Hey Halifax,
Writing to thank all the rejects who applied to the Salon this year and to those who came out last night for #8.
Special thanks to Brian at the Khyber, Mary at the City of Halifax and Flavia for the awesome poster.
See you next year,

September 2, 2008
Dear Halifax,
I'm pleased to announce that the Salon will indeed be back for its 8th consecutive year at the Khyber the evening of Sept 10 (7pm to 10pm at 1588 Barrington Street in Halifax).
A special thanks to the City of Halifax and the Khyber ICA for making this happen.
See you then!
Head Reject
Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique

August 31, 2008
Dear Halifax,
After 7 consecutive years of holding the Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique each September at the historic Khyber Club space on Barrington Street, the Salon is currently without a venue for #8.
The Salon found out late last week from the City of Halifax that while we technically have the "OK" to hold the event there Sept 10, the various costs and insurance coverage required to actually get in there and show rejected cinema for a mere 3 hours is beyond the Salon's financial grasp.
It's a shame we can't be at the Khyber but the show must go on.   If anyone in Halifax wants to host the event Sept 10 they should e-mail the Salon ASAP (salonatlantique(at)hotmail(dot)com).
We've got a video projector thanks to our friends at CEV and a crop of fresh AFF rejects to share.
Now we just need a venue.
Head Reject
Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique

July 29, 2008
The 2008 submission form is up.
Go on and e-mail the Salon your rejection e-mail along with a still and a completed submission form.
Rejection never felt so good.

April 23, 2008
Hey all,
Writing to advise that the Salon will indeed return for #8 this September in Halifax.
More to follow.

September 19, 2007
Hey Rejects,
Man, that was fun.
What an AMAZING turn out for Salon 2007.
Not even a torrential rain storm could keep home fans of the refused.
Everyone in the audience was polite, interested, quiet, smiley and patient.
Also, for the first time ever, the filmmaker of each reject screening appeared in person at the Salon. Nice.
Special thanks to volunteers Annie M, Heather H, and D.P..  Thanks also to Krista and Brian at The Khyber, Paul at CEV, and James and Elliot at ThreeTon.
See you next year.
p.s. Here are some pictures from 2007. Thanks to Annie for taking the wide crowd shots.










September 3, 2007
Hey there,
The 2007 line-up has been announced.
Four films from Nova Scotia and one from New Brunswick.
We're back at the Khyber in Halifax on Saturday, September 15, so come on down from 7pm to 10pm and support your fellow rejects.
See you there,

August 8, 2007
Hi there,
Writing to announce that Paul Duguay at CEV has just agreed to extend his generous sponsorship of the Salon for yet another year. That's 7 years of consecutive support. Amazing!
Be sure to check out the CEV site when you have a chance. 
Thanks Paul!

July 30, 2007
Dear Rejects,
I'm pleased to announce that the Salon will be back at the Khyber Club for its 7th annual celebration of cinema rejected by the Atlantic Film Festival, Saturday, September 15, 2007.
Check back here soon for the 2007 Salon Submission form. In the meantime, hold onto those rejection e-mails from the AFF!
In solidarity,

September 14, 2006
Hi all,
The Salon notched its sixth consecutive year of celebrating rejected cinema last night.
Breathing new life into the now-defunct Khyber Club space, fans of refused art came out and enjoyed five films rejected by the Atlantic Film Festival.
Directors Mirco Chen and Convivial Daze were in attendance and introduced their films. Megan Wennberg also made an appearance, although she was unfortunately unable to arrive in time to introduce her film. Luckily, she still got a free drink.
The Salon was super impressed that almost everyone stayed until the very end. We managed to break even, once again, so we're thrilled.
Special thanks to Salon volunteers Annie Macmillan, Jamie Bowlin, D.P., Adamm Liley and Heather Harkins. Thanks to Jodi at the Khyber Arts Society, Paul at CEV, and to the Atlantic Film Festival for their fresh crop of rejects. Thanks also to local Halifax media for the press coverage.
See you next year!

7pm to 9:30pm, Wednesday, September 13, 2006 at the Khyber Club (1588 Barrington Street, Halifax). $6 cover. 19+.
"The Birth of Serfs" (Horror). Director/Producer: Mirco Chen (Halifax).
-Toby Kepler has just found out her world is coming to an end. Unfortunately, so is everyone else's.
"Morning Radio" (Drama). Director: Vanessa Loewen, Producer: Desiree Single (Winnipeg)
-Mr. Moore has agreed to drive Mary & Fay Henry to school each morning- but he wasn't counting on all of their baggage.
"My Name Is" (Comedy). Director/Producer: Megan Wennberg (Halifax)
-Wayne P. Jefferies doesn't feel like going to work. He doesn't want to get dressed or leave the house either. Wayne's not depressed, he's just not interested. And he's looking for a special lady who shares his lack of ambition.
"Carline-A Mother's Convictions" (Documentary). Director: Convivial Daze, Producer: Maynard Harris (Halifax)
-A documentary about a 4 1/2 month old infant who was taken from her mother after a 67 hour standoff and a 9 week very public trial/media circus in May 2004.
"An Open Door" (Drama). Director/Producer: Crystal Us (Los Angeles)
-A weekend of weddings finds Joey and Sabina musing on the American Dream as they begin to face the question of the rest of their lives.  With no family and few options, they struggle to find a secure future for themselves.

September 6, 2006
The Salon is back for its sixth consecutive year?
Man.  How did that happen?
Hell, we've outlived the Khyber Club.
Guess it's time to give back.
See you on the 13th.
Head Reject

September 15, 2005

5 years down, how many to go? That's up to you future rejects I guess.

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the 2005 Salon.

Special thanks to our sponsors; Networx, The Roy Building, and ThreeTon Design.

Super thanks to "Salon Volunteer of the Half-Decade", Jamie Bowlin.

See you next year!


September 14, 2005

The Salon is tonight. Come out!

See you there.

Press Release
Halifax, NS (September 1, 2005) Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique celebrates 5 years of rejection.

Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique 2005

On Wednesday, September 14, 2005 the Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique will kick off its 5th consecutive year of celebrating cinema rejected by the Atlantic Film Festival.

This year only, the Salon opened up the pool of eligible rejects to include films rejected by any of the Atlantic Film Festival's 25 years.


Salon 2005 Screening Schedule:

"The Talebearers". Director/Producer: Jennifer O'Brien (Hammonds Plains)

-Even the best intentions can turn ugly with the help of a bottle of wine.

"Sombre Zombie". Director: Adam MacDonald, Producer: Brad Horvath (Sydney)

-That moment in between thoughts.

"The Viper". Director/Producer: Seana Kozar (Dartmouth)

-Sarah discovers that sometimes a phone call can ruin your whole day.

"Ladies in Waiting". Director/Producer: Lulu Keating (Halifax)

-Beautiful, intelligent women consume an exotic and erotic dinner as they discuss being single.

"Gentlemen". Director/Producer: Branwell Beck (Halifax)

-72 year old Newman MacNeil puts his foot down when tempers flare.

Screening time:

The Salon runs from 8pm to 10pm, Wednesday, September 14, 2005 at the Khyber Club (1588 Barrington Street, Halifax). $6 cover. 19+.

Visit or call 902-446-3669 for more information.

***About the Salon***

The first Salon des RefusÚs was held in France way back in 1863. Works which failed to satisfy the accepted definition of "art" at that time, were deemed dangerously subversive
by the cultural elite and excluded from art exhibits.

Eventually, rejected artists persuaded Napoleon III to set up the Salon des RefusÚs, providing them with an opportunity to show their work. These rejected artists, including Renoir, Monet and Manet, would eventually become known as the Impressionists.

In celebration of the original Salon, the Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique, established in 2001, provides a venue for video and film makers, rejected by the Atlantic Film Festival, to screen their work.

There is no official selection of work screened at the Salon. Instead, the Salon is "programmed" by randomly drawing submitted Atlantic Film Festival rejection letters from a lottery. The pile of letters drawn at the end of the day will be the works to be screened at the Salon.


August 9, 2005

As Hunter S. Thompson would say, "Whoa, hey!". The Salon 2005 application is now up.

So fax or mail in your application along with your reject letter from ANY of the Atlantic Film Festival's 25 years.

Selection lottery results to be announced September 1st, 2005.


June 20, 2005

This is gonna be wild folks.

To mark the Salon's 5th year of celebrating rejected cinema and the Atlantic Film Festival's 25 years of rejecting, the Salon will be accepting entries from films rejected by ANY year of the Atlantic Film Festival. Crazy!

All you need is proof of your rejection. See? Saving those reject letters pays off.

Get them in!

May 19, 2005

Good news. The Salon will be back for its fifth consecutive year at the legendary Khyber Club in downtown Halifax.

Don't forget to apply to the 25th Atlantic Film Festival by June 3rd, 2005. You have to be rejected by them in order to apply to the Salon selection lottery.

Good, I mean, Bad luck!

March 14, 2005
Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique is pleased to announce its 5th annual celebration of cinema rejected by the Atlantic Film Festival will be held the night of Wednesday, September 14, 2005.
The location in Halifax, Nova Scotia is to be announced.
Ensure to apply to the 25th Atlantic Film Festival by June 3, 2005, in order to obtain the rejection letter required to apply to the 2005 Salon.
To apply to the 25th AFF, click here.
Head Reject


September 27, 2004
Thanks to everyone for submitting their rejects, and to the reject loving public for coming to Salon 2004 on September 16.
Special thanks to Heather H., Jamie, Alex, Jessica, Paul at Networx, Susan at Landmark, Elliot at Threeton, Heather G. and Jean Guy at the Khyber.
Thanks also to local media for the coverage.
Here are some pictures from Salon 2004.
See you next year for the Salon's 5th anniversary!




September 15, 2004
Tune in to hear coverage of the Salon on CBC Radio tomorrow morning:
CBC Radio Two: 9am Nationally.
CBC Radio One: 5pm Atlantic Region.
More info at

September 3, 2004
The random selection lottery for Salon 2004 has been held. Screening schedule to be announced soon.

August 30, 2004
Tomorrow is the application deadline for Salon 2004, so get your rejects in before it's too late.

August 19, 2004
Attention 2004 Applicants:
Due to a lack of ink in the Salon fax machine, there is a possibility that some of the submissions made before August 19th were not successfully received.
If this applies to you, please resend your submission to 902-446-4727.
For those of you who have yet to apply, you've got 12 more days until the deadline (August 31st)
the Salon

July 4, 2004
2004 Application is now up.

June 23, 2004
The new management at the Khyber have confirmed that they will be reserving the night of Thursday, September 16th, 2004 for the fourth consecutive Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique.
Thanks to Heather at the Khyber for her support.
The 24th Atlantic Film Festival will be announcing their rejects on August 6, 2004. Don't tear, ignite or flush that reject letter! Send it to the Salon along with your application (to be posted soon), and your reject might be randomly selected to screen in downtown Halifax.
Rejection never tasted so good... 

February 25, 2004
I'm proud to announce that the Salon will be back for its 4th consecutive celebration of cinema, September 16, 2004.
Don't forget to apply to the 24th Atlantic Film Festival by June 4, 2004, so that you can get rejected and then apply to the Salon.  You can find their application at
Thanks to everyone who helped out last year, including but not limited to Paul at Networx, Craig at the Khyber, Christa at the Coast, Susan at Landmark Properties, Jamie Bowlin, Ron Yhap, and Warren Jefferies.

January 22, 2004
Happy New Year. Thanks to everyone who submitted rejects and helped with Salon 2003. Full report to follow.

salon2003sign (credit: AKS)

stevenvhs2003 (credit: AKS)

salon2003audience (credit: AKS)

subcomandante warren and steven (credit: AKS)

warren and steven (credit: AKS)

September 12, 2003. 7:30pm start.
The Khyber Club, 1588 Barrington Street, Halifax, Canada.
$5 for the night. 19+.

Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique 2003 Program
Ice Dream
Director: Dale Sheldrake
Canada, 1:52 min, Canadiana
A young boy's imagination transforms a father/son hockey match into big league glory.
Director: Passia Pandora
Canada, 6 min. Narrative.
A woman's passion is re-awakened when her waiter invites her to dance the tango.
Love is Blind
Director: Ian Pitblado
Canada, 10 min, Comedy.
When a blind husband walks in on his wife and her lover in bed, the expression "love is blind" takes on a whole new meaning.
Through The Tempered Glass
Director: Patrick  McCann
Canada,  11:40 min,  Drama
Based on the award-winning short story by Bonnie Crews, Through the Tempered Glass is a modern day version of Alice in Wonderland.
Director: J. Joly
Canada, 13:30 min, Drama
Richard Upman has one modest aspiration in life- to be a gardener. Inside an indifferent institution, he finds himself subjected to a crucible of policy and protocol. But like flowers that bloom in the desert, heroes are found in unexpected places.
8:15 pm-8:25pm
Pour l'EternitÚ
Director: Paul Verhoeven
France, 98 min,  Dramatic Comedy
The extraordinary affection between Lucas and Sa´d . Sa´d had to choose between killing his only friend or being killed as a traitor by extremists. It was Lucas who decided...
Beyond Ursa Major
Director: Ellie Yonova
Canada, 19.25 min, Documentary
The different stages of a sculptural installation

September 8, 2003
The 3rd annual Salon is ready to roll.  Of the 32 submissions made, 7 were randomly selected to screen at the Salon this Friday.
Thanks to everyone who submitted and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Khyber this Friday in support of rejected cinema.
Head Reject

September 2, 2003
If you're in the Toronto area tomorrow night, go and check out the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto's 10th Annual Salon des RefusÚs.  It's being held at the Latvian House, 491 College Street.

August 29, 2003
I'm pleased to announce that the Coast will be continuing its support of the Salon into 2003. A Friend of the Salon since 2001, the Coast helps spread the word to Greater Halifax and beyond. Thanks Christa!
Today is the deadline for submissions so get crackin' you rejects!

August 22, 2003
Please note that the Salon is now accepting submissions via fax. Many rejects, especially those from outside North America, have drawn my attention to the high cost of couriering submissions to the Salon in such a short period of time.
Your application and rejection letter from the 23rd Atlantic Film Festival can be faxed to the Salon at 902-446-4727.
Do not e-mail your submission.
One week to go! Get your submission in by 5pm (17:00), Atlantic Standard Time, August 29th, 2003.

August 21, 2003
I'm pleased to announce that Networx Professional Video Equipment Sales and Service will be continuing its generous support of the Salon by supplying a high-quality video projector for the night of the Salon.
Thanks Paul Duguay @ Networx!

there you go

August 19, 2003
Went to an Atlantic Film Festival "Pre-mixer" tonight. Everyone from the AFF was really nice. Like, really nice. I imagine I could go home and talk to my dog and try to ascertain what it really meant but I've decided to take them at their word and accept that they support the Salon's efforts (as if they really have a choice) and, in fact, view it as the highest form of flattery, not that that really matters, but you know.
Get your submissions into the Salon before the 29th.

July 30, 2003
Dear Rejects,
It's that time of year again! The 23rd Atlantic Film Festival has mailed out their decision letters as of this week, so here's hoping you get rejected.
Don't burn that rejection letter!
Don't flush it!
Don't even line your green compost bin with it!
Submit it to the Salon 2003 along with a copy of our application.
Who knows, your reject might be selected to screen September 12, 2003 at the Khyber Club in Halifax, Canada.
Like Oscar Wilde said:
"All Art is Useless...and should be screened at the Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique 2003."

May 8, 2003


I'm pleased to announce that the Salon will be held for the third consecutive year at Halifax's renowned Khyber Club . I was just in there yesterday and the club now has nice red walls and beautiful hardwood floors. It's licenced too (as always).


Special thanks to Khyber Club manager Craig for his continued support.  Check out the Khyber site at


Don't forget for apply to the Atlantic Film Festival by June 6, 2003 so you can get rejected. Download the application at


Rejection from this year's Atlantic Film Festival is only requirement to be eligible to apply to the Salon (our deadline for submissions is August 29, 2003).

March 25, 2003
Congrats to the Winnipeg Film Group for putting on their first Salon at this years Film Exchange!  The reject revolution continues...

December 9, 2002
I recently applied to Nova Scotia's Department of Tourism and Culture for a grant for Salon 2003.
My request was rejected. 

September 13, 2002
Where to begin? The 2nd Annual Salon was a grand success.
90 reject fans came out to the Khyber last night to check out this year's crop of film and videos. People laughed, and people cried (seriously), and I got to tell lots of jokes.
Thanks to the following people and organizations: Matt Grant, Robert Nichol
Beverly D. Lewis, Gillian Matheson, Jason Fox, Andrea Methot, Christa and Carla @ The Coast, Paul @ Networx, Susan @ The Roy Building, Rob/Chris/Andrew @ Salter Digital, Paul Rigg/Elliot MacNeil/Jennifer Comeau @ Digital Bliss, John Wesley Chisholm for the day job, Rob Aske @ SMSS, Allegra Printing, Marla Cranston @ Daily News, Stephen Cooke @ The Herald, Lia Rinaldo @ 22nd AFF, Mark Sloane @ ACCMPD, Carmen @ CBC Radio One,  the Playback Gang, Jason Addison, Ange Cox, Young Um, Mwanz, Ron, my family, Kurt Cobain, Gloria the Dog, and anyone I've missed.
Until next year,
Head Reject

Thursday, September 12, 2002, 7PM. 19+
The Khyber Club, 1588 Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
2002 Screening Schedule
  • 6:50pm Introduction
  • 7:00pm-8:35pm
"Gone For A Week" (Comedy)     Director: Erik Reo         (USA)

Chaos ensues when Ellen, a young businesswoman, takes a short business trip.
"Euphoria Black Out" (Drama)  Director: Samuel Dale  (UK)

As the world comes to an end, a young photographer named Caitlin, sets out with her camera.

"Mr. Pirc" (Documentary)         Director: Matt Grant      (Canada)

An honest and often humourous look at the life of an eccentric chess player and his preparations for a tournament.
  • 8:35pm 1st Intermission
  • 8:40pm-10:30pm
"Star Dreams"  (Documentary)           Director:  Robert Nichol   (Canada)

This documentary on the crop-circle phenomena brings to light the scientific research and many interpretations of the mysterious circles.

"My Bubba"   (Animation)                  Director:  Beverly D. Lewis  (Canada)

A young girl visits her Bubba and learns that the chores done by her grandmother each day are never ending.

"Vagina Dentata" (Comedy)        Director: Gillian Matheson (Canada)

A man cunningly plays the part of his lover's vagina in order to win back her affection.

10:30pm 2nd Intermission

  • 10:35-12:52am
"Minor Adjustments" (Drama)   Director:  Marc Lostracco
A young model is willing to go to extreme measures in her pursuit of success.
"Doppio Po" (Documentary)           Director: Jason Fox        (Canada)
According to the Director, "this is what oceanography is really like...Welcome to the Northern Adriatic".
"Tous Les Deux"  (Animation)       Director: Marc Beurteaux   (Canada)

A chance meeting brings two would-be lovers together.

"Lazy Days...Crazy Nights" (Drama) Director: Samuel Dale       (UK)

A dowdy singer named Stephanie undergoes a gruelling transformation to become a "stunning pop goddess".

September 11, 2002

All is set for tomorrow's screening. CBC Radio One (90.5fm) will be interviewing someone from the Salon at 2:15PM AST. Tune-in if you can. There should also be an article in tomorrow's Coast.
Note: Unfortunately, "Captive" has been removed from this year's schedule, for copyright issues.
See you tomorrow night at the Khyber Club.
September 4, 2002
The results are in!
11 of the 32 submitted "rejects" were randomly selected to screen at this year's Salon, on September 12th. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this year's record number of submissions.
See you at the Khyber Club next Thursday at 7pm!
p.s. There's a Volunteer Meeting at the Paper Chase Cafe tonight at 6:30pm. Come on down. (Blowers and Argyle)

August 23, 2002
Hey you do-good Volunteer-types,
There's a Volunteer meeting at 6:30PM on September 4th, at the Paper Chase Cafe (it's above the magazine shop). It's on Blowers street (down from Pizza Corner).
Lemme know if you can come,
August 16, 2002
Well Rejects, welcome to the Salon. Instead of appealing, burning, or flushing your rejection letter from the 22nd Atlantic Film Festival, why not just apply to the Salon?
Go ahead, embrace your rejection. Rejects are cool. Just ask Kurt Cobain, Michael Moore, or Billie Holiday.
August 5, 2002
The Atlantic Film Festival was to of announced their selection results on Friday (August 2nd). I've yet to hear anything, so I imagine the letters must be in the mail.
You might as well just go ahead and print the Salon application ahead of time. Then, just mail in the completed form, along with a copy of your rejection letter, and you'll be entered into the draw.
June 19, 2002
It's official: The Salon will once again be held at the Khyber Club, 1588 Barrington Street, Halifax. A special thanks to Craig Ferguson for his continued support.

June 12, 2002
The Atlantic Film Festival deadline was last Friday, so I hope everyone got their applications in. They'll be announcing their rejects on August 2nd, so bad luck to everyone! Can't wait to see your lovely rejection letters.
Salon 2001 News
December 16, 2001

Hey rejects,

The Salon will be back for its second year in 2002, so remember us when the Atlantic Film Festival rejects your next project. The post-marked deadline for the Salon 2002 is FRIDAY, AUGUST 30, 2002.

Why not print out the Salon 2002 application now and tack in on your fridge? That way, you'll notice it en route to your post-rejection cool one.

Until then,


Salon 2001 Re-cap

Check out the cool sunflowers my family sent me the night of the Salon. Thanks Mom, Dad and Phil! Thanks also to all the Rejectees, Friends of the Salon, and everyone else who helped out.

An impressive 49 "reject-lovers" came out to the Salon, ensuring that all bills will be paid, all submitted videos returned. There might even be some dough left over to throw a well-deserved party for all the volunteers, without which the Salon couldn't have been pulled-off.

Most importantly, the positive response to the Salon proves that the city of Halifax wants to see rejected cinema and that the works screened are indeed of value.

In order for the celebration to continue, which it must, the Salon needs submissions. So spread the word...the day you receive your rejection letter from the 22nd Atlantic Film Festival, visit this site, download your Salon application and apply to the 2nd Annual Salon des Refuses Atlantique.

Until your next rejection, this is Steven James May saying "bye" and "see you next year".

Hey Rejects,

I'll write more later, but I just wanted to quickly thank everyone for helping to make the 2001 Salon an amazing success.

I'm already starting to plan the 2002 installment...

Here's to rejection,


Let the celebration of rejected cinema begin!

Tickets available at the door.

Come out and support truly independent film and video...

See you at 7PM,


Salon Atlantique 2001 Screening Schedule:

From a pool of 24 submissions, the Salon has "selected" 4.5 hours of programming rejected by the 21st Atlantic Film Festival. The works will be screened in the order that they have been drawn.

7:00-7:10 Opening Remarks

7:10 PM "Machines Should Work...People Should Think"

Bob Stark is a displaced worker who finds clues to his existence in a broken photocopier. (3rd year student project in Communications)

Drama, 15 minutes

Produced, Written and Directed by Ray Taylor

Alorda Design, Montreal, QC


7:26PM "The Skunk Whisperer"

The harrowing story of what happened when 16 skunks were discovered living under an old farmhouse on the East Shore of Nova Scotia.

Documentary, 22 minutes, 48 seconds

Produced and Written by Lesley Choyce

Directed by Lulu Keating and Lesley Choyce

Pottersfield Productions, E. Lawerencetown, NS


7:50PM "Keep On Shucking"

Keep On Shucking follows a diverse group of professional shuckers as they travel and compete in oyster shucking championships during the 1999 season.

Documentary, 48 minutes

Produced, Written and Directed by Scott Dobson

Scott Dobson, Toronto, ON


8:38PM-9:00PM Intermission #1

9:00PM "Libraria"

Frustration, desperation, and anxiety collide when a group of students spend an evening locked away in a university library studying for the next days midterms.

Dramatic Comedy, 93 minutes

Produced, Written and Directed by Francis Lord

Stray Productions Inc., Saskatoon, SK


10:33 PM-10:45PM Intermission #2

10:45PM "The Great American Office Worker"

The Urban Jungle series takes a look at the silly human animal in the environment of the Great America Office.

Comedy, 8 minutes, 30 seconds

Produced by Patrick Lacho and Jerry Urban

Written and Directed by Patrick Lacho

Invisible Lines Productions, Los Angeles, CA


10:55PM "Attwood Cr.: A Hockumentary"

Sunday afternoon street hockey is a time-honoured weekly tradition on Attwood Cr., one ripe for a humourous character study

(Hock)Documentary, 33 minutes

Produced, Written and Directed by Hatem Zayed and Ryan Sharkey

OFM Productions, Halifax, NS


11:30PM "Renaissance Guy"

In this mock-u-mentary we discover and uncover the sheer banality of a would be Renaissance Man. As everyone extols the virtues of this artist, the viewer soon comes to realize that everything he touches turns to crap. Think Spinal Tap meets Mr. Guffman, meets Woody Allens Zelig.

Mock-u-mentary, 30 minutes

Produced, Written and Directed by Doug Barron

HarbourMaster, Halifax, NS


12:00AM-Close Salon Disussion Period


"Shower", by Rochester, New York's Randall Good has just arrived at the Salon today, September 13. Best wishes are being sent to Randall and the State of New York.


A study of the misplaced trust of routine in a relationship. The seemingly mundane carries the utmost importance when the delicate balance of the routine is disrupted.

Avant-garde Narrative, 25 minutes

Produced, Written and Directed by Randall Good

Rochester, NY



"Shower", by Rochester, New York's Randall Good HAS indeed arrived at the Salon, just today, September 13, 2001. Well wishes go out to Randall and the State of New York during this most difficult time, and the Salon is pleased to present its original screening schedule in its entirety.