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Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique 2002
Volunteers Needed


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Hey you do-good Volunteer-types,
There's a Volunteer meeting at 6:30PM on September 4th, at the Paper Chase Cafe (it's above the magazine shop). It's on Blowers street (down from Pizza Corner).
Lemme know if you can come,
Founding Reject
Without volunteers, the Salon wouldn't be possible. We're always looking for folks to help make the event happen each September. 
Currently, the Salon needs help in the following areas:

*Salon Office Administrator (starting immediately)

*Tech Support (starting September 1st)

*Ushers (night of Sept 12)

*Publicist (starting immediately)

* Driver (starting September 1st)

Please contact  (902) 446-3669 or e-mail if you're available to help.


Nous sommes le pouvoir!