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Salon des RefusÚs Atlantique

2005 Screening Schedule

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Salon 2005 Screening Schedule:

"The Talebearers". Director/Producer: Jennifer O'Brien (Hammonds Plains)

-Even the best intentions can turn ugly with the help of a bottle of wine.

"Sombre Zombie". Director: Adam MacDonald, Producer: Brad Horvath (Sydney)

-That moment in between thoughts.

"The Viper". Director/Producer: Seana Kozar (Dartmouth)

-Sarah discovers that sometimes a phone call can ruin your whole day.

"Ladies in Waiting". Director/Producer: Lulu Keating (Halifax)

-Beautiful, intelligent women consume an exotic and erotic dinner as they discuss being single.

"Gentlemen". Director/Producer: Branwell Beck (Halifax)

-72 year old Newman MacNeil puts his foot down when tempers flare.

When: 8pm-10pm, Wednesday, September 14, 2005.

Where: The Khyber Club, 1588 Barrington Street. Halifax, NS. 19+

Price: $6 for the evening.