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Salon des Refusés Atlantique

2004 Screening Schedule

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Screening Schedule 2004

Screening starts at 7pm. Listed in order of randomly drawn appearance.
*Alicia and the Mystery Box (Director: France Benoit) Canada
A film about the journey of two women and a mystery box from Cuba.
*Tico Tico (Director: Marcelo Domizi) Spain
A hallucinogenic comedy.
*Providence (Director: Magie Matulic) Canada
A homeless woman reveals three predictions that will come true for Mary before midnight.
*Tar Ponds Loonie Give-Away (Director: Romy Goulem) Canada
Premier of Nova Scotia offers Sydney Tar Ponds for a dollar.
*Plastic (Director: Eric Paquet) Canada
Expert shopper confronts nemesis at the Jöhnford's fashion outlet.
Waste & Void: Theatrical One Act Film (Director: Kenneth Du) USA
*A young woman with a history of mental illness has a premonition of September 11th.
Cowboy (Director: Jay Fox) Canada
*Cowboy on a mission to reacquaint us with the beauty that the cogs in the machine no longer see.